ANBI Status – Masechaba Foundation

ANBI Status – Masechaba Foundation

The Masechaba Foundation in Purmerend/Waterland, the Netherlands, holds ANBI status, registered as a Public Benefit Organization with the Dutch Tax Authorities. Explore how our nonprofit organization directly serves the public interest.

With our ANBI status, donors enjoy tax benefits, allowing deductions for gifts from income or corporate tax, in accordance with applicable rules.


Stichting Masechaba Purmerend
Antwerpenhaven 101
1448 KN Purmerend
Telefoon: 0299-667862
ABN AMRO IBAN ; NL41ABNA0816502560
KvK number : 37157162
RSIN : 821425043

Would you like to verify our ANBI status? You can do so through the link ‘Search ANBI on the Tax Authorities website.’

Benefits for Donors:

  1. Tax Deductions for ANBI Donations
  2. No Gift or Inheritance Tax on ANBI Donations
  3. Full Exemption from Gift or Inheritance Tax for ANBIs

Tax Advantages for Income and Corporate Tax

Considering making a charitable donation? Learn how contributions to our ANBI foundation are deductible under specific conditions in your income tax or corporate tax return. Ensure your contribution directly serves the public interest.

Want to know more? Refer to the Tax Authorities website for detailed information on tax advantages when donating to ANBIs.