Take action now

Take action now

As an orphan infected with HIV, life in South Africa presents significant challenges. All forms of support are welcome, from bottle deposit drives to gala evenings, from school projects to stone-throwing tournaments. Your contribution is sincerely appreciated, and everyone is invited to participate! Are you planning to take action or have you raised funds? Let us know!

Action Ideas

  • Birthday, Anniversary, or Wedding? Instead of gifts, you can choose to request donations.
  • Organize a Benefit Evening with your school or association (e.g., a musical or fashion show) and sell entrance tickets.
  • Arrange a Auction or Gala Dinner.
  • Sponsor Your Sports Achievements or organize a football or tennis tournament.
  • Opening of a New Branch or Company Anniversary? Request a contribution for Masechaba instead of flowers or wine.

Examples of Actions

Below are some examples of actions in favor of Masechaba:

Da Vinci College

Every time, we are surprised by the enjoyable projects organized by Da Vinci College students for Masechaba.

Shoebox Projects

Various schools decorate old shoeboxes with surprises for Masechaba’s children, including toys, school supplies, toiletries, and other useful items. Most children are not accustomed to receiving gifts, making such a shoebox very special! The shoeboxes are transported via our container project and distributed there by Foundation Masechaba volunteers in Bethlehem.

Take Action and Help the AIDS Orphans of Masechaba

We would love it if you also want to organize an action for Masechaba. Ideas for an action can be found in the actions that have been organized for Masechaba before. Take a look below.

Information or Presentation

Do you or your organization, school, or association want to support Masechaba? Naturally, you want to know what it entails and what happens to your money. Please contact us for information. We are also happy to come by and give a presentation.