Masechaba Day Care Centre

Masechaba Day Care Centre

Foundation Masechaba has successfully established a daycare center catering to approximately 70 orphans in Bethlehem, South Africa. The Masechaba Day Care Centre, housed in the ‘Bishop Koopman Masechaba Building,’ pays tribute to founders Graham Bishop and Bert Koopman.

A Safe Place for Orphans

Explore the Masechaba Day Care Centre, a daytime facility providing a secure space for around 70 orphans, some of whom are HIV-infected. These children deserve an environment where they can simply be children.

Guidance and Opportunities for Orphans

These young lives have faced numerous challenges, from losing parents to HIV infections, sexual abuse, and violence. At Masechaba, they receive guidance and opportunities to build a future. More importantly, they are listened to, breaking these ‘invisible children’ out of their isolation.

What Masechaba Provides:

  • Education: Children have the chance to learn and grow.
  • Nutrition: Healthy meals to prevent malnutrition.
  • Medical Care: Essential care to safeguard their health.
  • Therapy: Emotional support for healthy development.

Help Invisible Children Become Visible!

Masechaba Day Care Centre is dedicated to the poorest orphans. Contribute and help these invisible children become visible again!