Eye Measurement Unit Project

Eye Measurement Unit Project

The Eye Measurement Unit project commenced in August 2015, aiming to establish a permanent eye measurement unit for underprivileged children with eye abnormalities or vision problems.

Importance of Vision Care at Maluti Hoogland School

At Maluti Hoogland School, where very poor and difficult-to-learn children attend, a significant number of them are visually impaired. Learning delays are caused, in part, by difficulties with reading and writing due to visual impairment.

Financial Barriers to Eye Care

The parents of these children cannot afford eye care and are unable to provide their children with glasses containing the correct lenses. Accurately diagnosing vision problems is crucial in this project.

Thanks to Sponsorship – Permanent Eye Measurement Unit

Through the sponsorship of Essilor Netherlands, Holland Optical Instruments, and Koopman Optiek, a permanent eye measurement unit has been installed at Maluti Hoogland School. The plan is to conduct annual eye check-ups for these children and provide them with suitable glasses.

Collaboration with Stichting Zienderogen

In collaboration with opticians and orthoptists from Stichting Zienderogen, Bert Koopman performs the eye measurements. The lenses are ground by Dutch opticians and sent back. Frames and lenses are arranged by Stichting Zienderogen.

First Eye Measurements

From May 29 to June 10, 2016, Stichting Zienderogen conducted the first eye measurements. Stichting Masechaba Netherlands and Stichting Masechaba South Africa are grateful for the efforts of Bas, Betul, Linda, and Peter in conducting optometric examinations and helping children in Bethlehem.


The report from the first eye measurement session in 2016 provides insights into experiences and findings.

Make a Difference with Custom Glasses

Support the Eye Measurement Unit project and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children by contributing to custom glasses.