What are we doing?

Discover the mission of the Masechaba Foundation: Giving Underprivileged Children a New CHANCE!

Masechaba, meaning ‘Mother of the People,’ embodies the essence of our work. We strive to provide underprivileged children in the Bethlehem region (South Africa) with an opportunity for an improved life and future.

Our commitment includes shelter, food, education, and medical care for (HIV) orphaned children aged 3 to 11. These children come to “Masechaba Day Care” in the Bethlehem township, South Africa, every day. Many of them are infected with HIV and require urgent medical attention.

In the ‘Bishop Koopman Masechaba Building,’ the children receive all the essentials to simply be children. We aim to offer these children as pleasant and dignified a life as possible. Read more about our daycare here.


Stichting Masechaba heeft een duidelijke focus en richt zich op de volgende projecten.

These projects are carried out in collaboration with the Foundation Masechaba in the Bethlehem region, South Africa, and are fully supported by volunteers.

Significant Impact

Not only do our projects have a significant impact on the children, but they also contribute positively to the entire community. Our food program provides surrounding schools with fresh vegetables, and the container project helps disabled children with aids. The eye measurement project is accessible to poor children and the elderly in the area.

The Masechaba Foundation, a small-scale charity, creates a profound effect for underprivileged children!

Continuity is Important

Although we have already begun, we continue to strive for the expansion and maintenance of our current projects. Planting fruit trees and hiring more teachers are on our agenda so that even more children in Masechaba can find their ‘mother.’ Donations in the form of money, goods, medicines, and toys are warmly welcomed. Your contribution not only brings joy to many children but also offers them a chance for a better future.

Masechaba Foundation – Creating Opportunities Together for Underprivileged Children!

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Give underprivileged children a chance!