Food program for Masechaba’s Children

Food program for Masechaba’s Children

With our food program, the children of Masechaba receive a fresh meal every day. In 2012, we initiated a vegetable project on the Masechaba premises, made possible by the expertise of the African agricultural organization Farm Secure and numerous volunteers. The initial goal was to provide the children of Masechaba Day Care Centre with a fresh meal.

The project expanded to Mr. Pierre Coetsee‘s Sidney farm, a significant step forward with more opportunities. With the available land and knowledge, we train people and produce food for personal use. We also started a food program to provide a meal for sick and poor children in the region who don’t receive food at home. Daily, we supply approximately 2000 children with a healthy meal.

The daily production of food for 2000 children has become a reality thanks to our donors and volunteers!

Children affiliated with the following care centers now receive a daily meal through our food program.

  • Masechaba Day Care Centre
  • Fouriesburg Intermediste School
  • Maluti Hoogland Skool
  • Charlotte Theron Kinderhuis Bethlehem
  • YWAM Youth With A Mission-Bakenpark
  • Sonskyn Dienssentrum-Bethlehem
  • Sonskyn Dienssentrum-Bakenpark
  • Keithumetse Disability
  • Christenburg (care farm)

Want to Help?

With a one-time donation of 20 (240 per annum), you provide healthy meals for one child for a month. The vegetables come directly from our own vegetable garden! Give a child a meal and donate!

Give a child a meal and donate!

Children wait in line when the daily meal is served.